Learn how to design decks that wow investors and make your pitch unforgettable...

all without being a fancy pants designer


Investors see an average of 3,000 decks per year and only invest in .03% of them.


To stand out, you’ve got to tell a compelling story with a design that makes it crystal clear.


You've agonized over every slide, but for some reason the design is still...off.

You've tried using templates, but it doesn't work with your specific content
You've considered hiring a designer, but don't want to risk hefty hourly rates
You've changed layout, fonts and colors, but still can't get it to look "right"

Designing a gorgeous deck isn't rocket science, you just need a few simple design principles.


Introducing Design for Decks, a  live workshop that will give you deck design superpowers.

Learn how to create simple, clean and effective slides that let your story shine
Learn how to quickly spin up new slides within minutes without stressing
Learn how to organize your slides to keep your audiences rapt attention

Here’s a taste what we’ll cover

Optimum deck size
Learn the ideal amount of slides that investors are expecting, borrowing best practice frameworks from top investors like 500 Startups and YCombinator
Show don’t tell
Humans think in pictures, not words. Learn how to use illustrations, diagrams, and icon to enhance your data and make it more memorable and picturable.
Font size consistency
Using modular font scales will help you create consistent typography that helps the viewer understand the context of each line
Color Hierarchy
Using color concepts like brightness, contrast and opacity, you can prioritize elements and make them "pop" or become more subtle reinforcements.
Make it obvious
Making the viewer have to think too much on a slide can confuse and distract the viewer, and can negatively impact the communication of important points.
Visual Hierarchy
Learn how to use visual hierarchy to arrange each element on the page according to its importance. This helps getting the most vital points across first.
One idea per slide
Focus is vital as you present your pitch, both in design and the story. In this section you'll learn how to keep your slides easy to understand and distraction-free
Pattern recognition
Creating a pro looking deck is subtle. People know one when they see one, but can't put their finger on "why". Learn how to use patterns help create that pro look.
Grids help create order out of chaos. Learn how grids can give you frameworks to quickly create legible and organized slide designs.
Size Hierarchy
Using size can create various levels of importance. In this section you'll learn how to use size effectively in both text and illustrations.
Color consistency
How to use background and text colors to create recognizable patterns throughout the deck. This helps the viewer get oriented on each slide faster.
Space Hierarchy
White space helps the viewer understand which items are related and which are separate. Learn how to use space to better organize your slide content.

After pitching dozens of investors over the past 10 years, I know how "fun" the process can be...

From traveling 8 hours on a plane for one 45 minute meeting that ends "how can we be helpful?", to getting the same questions over and over again... "what about Google and Facebook?", "any revenue?" and "who else is in this round?". Having a well-designed deck helps communicate the narrative clearly and eliminates all distractions.
  • $8m dollars raised in my own companies
  • $100m+ raised using my deck designs
  • Current Head of Design at Gumroad
  • Former Design Director at Vimeo
  • Former Designer at Pentagram, Frog and RG/A
  • Former AMEX Digital Advisory Board Member
  • Former FIT Adjunct Professor
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What top investors are saying

David Tisch

"Over the years Jack has consistently delivered high-quality deck designs for ourselves at Boxgroup and our portfolio companies. We know our founders are in good hands when we send them to Jack, he nails it every time!"

David Stark

"We hosted a live deck design training with Jack for our portfolio companies and were blown away by the quality of the presentation and the feedback we received after. Everyone learned a ton and was excited to implement ASAP!"

Questions about the workshop

Will there be a recording if I can't make it?
Yes, we will send out the recording immediately after the workshop is over. You'll have access to this forever.
How will the workshops be delivered?
You will receive a Zoom link the day of the event so you can jump right in as soon as it begins.
Do I need to use a specific deck software?
Nope! All these principles can be used in Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides
Will there be a Q&A?
Yes, at the end of every workshop we will have a 30 min q&a where you can ask questions about your situation.
How long will the training last?
It will be around 1 hour of training and 30 minutes of q&a. There's a lot to cover so we'll be moving quickly.
Can these principles be used in other types of decks?
Absolutely! They can be applied to sales decks, partnerships decks, or internal company decks.

Get a ticket to the next live workshop on Feb 9th at 1pm EST

Equipped with the information in this live workshop, along with practice and application, you'll close more deals, raise more money, and make your story unforgettable.
  • 1 hour of in-depth live training via Zoom
  • Live Q&A for all participants
  • Full recording access after training


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