Have an idea for a web or mobile app but don't know where to start?

Here's what most people do (I've done all of these multiple times)

- Hire a developer right away because this app needs to be built right now before someone else does

- Design a logo, build a website, buy a domain

- Talk to their friends and family about how they are going to be a billionaire

- At the same time they worry about getting the idea stolen, so they say things like "I can't give you all the details someone might steal it"

- Then they get quotes from developers or agencies and they get sticker shock when the price comes back at $75,000,

- Or worse they hire their friends cousins mothers brother for free to develop it, and all they get is awkward Thanksgiving conversations about why the app isn't done yet

- At the end of this process, they ending up just giving up the idea because it turned out to be way harder and more expensive than they expected

- Then 10 months later someone ELSE launches that same idea, and they immediately say I HAD THAT IDEA!

Here's what to do instead

- Ask yourself, can I clearly define who my market is and what problem I'm solving

- Look for confessions from your market

- Where does your market hang out?

- Imagine you're a reporter doing a story on your market, how can you paint the picture of their plight, their struggle, their pain and frustration?

- After you find confessions, next is to create a frictionless solution

- So to conclude, theres two things you must answer to increase the chances your idea will succeed

In this video I describe the TWO questions that if you can answer will drastically increase the chances your app will succeed (and remove 90% of the risk).

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