Recorded in 2008 when Vimeo had just 12 people and a dream

For over 20 years I have been designing software, obsessing over pixels and the experience of users around the world.

I began my career as a designer at Pentagram Design, the worlds largest independent design agency, working with clients like Bloomberg, Saks Fifth Avenue, NY Jets, Time Warner and Gallup. I worked in a small team under the guidance of renowned information architect, Lisa Strausfeld.

‍After Pentagram, I moved on to Frog Design, a global design and strategy firm founded in 1969, as a Senior UI Designer. With a heavy emphasis on user experience and emotional design, our team built digital solutions for clients like GE, Sprint, and Microsoft.

I soon got a call from my college friend Jake Lodwick, who was building a small team at Vimeo, and needed a Design Director. I jumped at the opportunity, and together with 10 employees, we launched Vimeo HD, Channels, Groups, and Pro accounts. This foundation led to Vimeo growing to over 170 million users.

My next adventure was, together with two co-founders Jonathan (GM at Vimeo) and David Marcus, raising 2.1 million in funding for, a personal web platform that pulled together all of your digital identities. We grew it from 0 to 750,000 users and eventually sold it

We then raised another 2.6 million and started Goodsie, a do-it-yourself e-commerce platform. Goodsie powered online stores for clients like Gawker, Lifehacker, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Skrillex. After a last-minute acquisition deal with Etsy fell through (they fired their CEO), we shut Goodsie down in 2017.

I then served 2 years on the Digital Advisory Board for Amex, alongside executives from Twitter, Dunkin Donuts, Birchbox, Etsy, and Pinterest. We offered quarterly feedback on their new digital initiatives and partnerships.

I am now currently co-founder of DoHQ, helping leaders attract their audience online with a private digital headquarters that on-boards, trains, and retains the curiosity of distracted people everywhere. I also run a software consulting business that guides business owners through a step by step process to build their software ideas for half the price and half the money. I've worked with clients like BoxGroup, Staked and Teachable.

After 10 years in New York City / Hoboken, my family (Jack, Maddie, Audrey and my wife Marisa) and I moved to State College, PA.